The Rolex is at once a contradiction of facts. It is widely known that Rolex is the preeminent keeper of the wonderfully obsolete mechanical watch. Less known is that every modern Rolex watch born unto this world began life within a factory that is truly at technology's bleeding edge. Thanks to a top-drawer marketing team, Rolex is epitomized as the material-form manifestation of achievement; and yet it is the most available luxury watch. While Patek blowhards may object to Rolex being anointed as the world's number one luxury watch, even they must doff their Ascot headwear to the exceptionally-low liquidity premium commanded by the global currency otherwise known as the Rolex watch.


An already-depreciated Pre-Owned Rolex makes for a fine travel companion, serving you well as the only true source of emergency funds in countries run by governments that VISA and Western Union consider too morally corrupt to do business with. However, the marketplace supply of Pre-Owned Rolexes is at once wide and shallow - there are many individual suppliers, but few have had the foresight to offer the positively-canine demand curve an incredible selection of Rolex models under one roof (or one web address, as you were). Enter Bob's Watches, an excellent online retailer backed by a brick-and-mortar sublet in Huntington Beach, California.

The world of Pre-Owned Rolexes can be daunting due to the sheer number of ways you can skin that second-hand cat! Most are risky and without recourse - if all of the rock-filled Rolex watch boxes in the world were lined up end-to-end, they would wrap circumferentially around the globe seven times!* Bob's Watches offers a secure retail environment that is at the exact opposite end of the spectrum, the lone Mary Tyler Moore in an ocean of Linda Lovelaces. Each watch sold on Bob's Rolex Watches is backed by a one year warranty to assuage any fears and the three day satisfaction guarantee is the class of the industry. Seasoned Rolex collectors will appreciate the detailed information provided for each and every watch available for sale on the site. Even the grumbling Rolex erudite has good reason to visit Bob's Watches Rolex, stopping long enough to purchase a limited-edition tome for the coffee table and the (soon-to-be) dog-eared price guide. 

More importantly, what a selection of Rolex watches! When I visited the site, I was impressed with the sheer number of Rolex Submariner models available for immediate purchase. At any one time, Bob's Watches stocks over 25 models of Submariner on their virtual shelves. With entry-level Submariners starting at $4595, Bob's Watches is the perfect destination for the gentleman's graduation watch - the timeless gift for the man who is expected to go far in life! Personally, however, I have my eye on a 1999 Rolex Yacht Master. The combination of a sporty steel case and an elegant platinum bezel is a tough proposition to resist.

Please Note: Bob's cannot arrange for the delivery of Rolex watches to the United States because U.S. laws restricts the import of Rolex watches. The buyer or a designated agent may collect the property in the country of sale.  As such, all International Sales are final.

* An estimate



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